Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rune of the Day: Jera

Jera is a rune of of slow success, of a beneficial outcome but not a quick result.  This is a rune of reaping well-earned rewards. 

Jera is all about slow and steady wins the race, patience rewarded, with perseverance being essential. 

Know that when Jera appears whatever projects you have been working on will be successful, as long as you continue to nurture them.  Spend time working towards your goals, knowing that with Jera's energy your success is assured.  

Tarot Card of the Day: 10 of Swords Reversed 

The 10 of Swords reversed is a card of benefit, of temporary gain, of profit and improvement. 

This card appears when things begin to turn around for us after a slump.  This may be a temporary improvement, or if we act prudently it may be a long term change. 

Know that things will look better when this card appears, that they will be going well.  The key is to not just accept the improvement in fortune, but to share it, so it continues. 

The Two Together:

Both Jera and the reversed 10 of Swords speak of things getting better, either long or short term.   The key today is to remember that sudden progress may not be lasting, and that your long term rewards are guaranteed.

Enjoy any improvements that come your way, know that eventually success is yours, just don't count on sudden rewards lasting.  Use some common sense, and a bit of caution and you will reach your goals!


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